Detailed Schedule 

  • 10 players
  • Invitations
  • 2 Public Laser Tag Games
  • Beat The Beams between Games
  • Party Room ON ARRIVAL
  • 2 Hours Total 
  • Small Slushies 
  • BOGO Cards for all players 
  • 1 Free Game Pass for Birthday Person (to be redeemed at a later date) 
  • Clean Up 


Once you arrive we will show you to the party room right away. 
Our staff will help you carry things in.  You can decorate the room while the games are going on. 

Party Time

The first hour is filled with games.
As your guests arrive we take codenames and brief the players on how to play Laser Tag. 

Once done with your first game, we move into Beat The Beams and then into a second game of Laser Tag. 

The players receive their final scorecards and slushies before moving into the party room. 

Clean Up

You will receive your BOGO cards before your guests start departing. 

Once your time is up, our staff will help you carry out your things and settle up - this is when you will receive your complimentary pass as well.  

We will then clean the room for you so you can enjoy the rest of your day.